Ecological Concerns :: Aims & Objective


To promote the message of 'oikumene' among the members and congregations of the CSI in building up a better world based on the values of justice, peace, unity and integrity of creation.


  • To help the CSI in accomplishing her vision and mission to be a 'United and Uniting' Church.
  • To explore avenues to play responsible and creative roles in international, national and local ecumenical bodies.
  • To equip the local congregations to foster harmony between/among people of sister faiths.
  • To facilitate the CSI to take stands and engage in advocacy on issues related to international, ecumenical and national concerns, where human rights are violated, justice and freedom questioned, integrity of life denied.
  • To foster eco-friendly congregations, equipping them to realize their role not only as stewards, but also as partners of God's Creation and address all ecologically sensitive issues from a Christian perspective.