Consecration and Installation of Rt. Rev. Mohan Manoraj as Bishop of Karnataka Southern Diocese
Monday, Dec 15, 2014

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Consecration and Installation of Rt. Rev. Mohan Manoraj as Bishop of Karnataka Southern Diocese


Consecration and Installation of Rt Rev. Mohan Manoraj as Bishop in CSI Karnataka Southern Diocese (KSD) was held on Monday, 15th December 2014 at 10.00 a.m. in the CSI Shanthi Cathedral, Balmatta, Mangalore. The worship service was led by the Moderator of the Church of South India, the Most Rev. Dr G. Dyvasirvadam and was graced by the Rt Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, Deputy Moderator, CSI, Rev. Dr. D. Rathnakara Sadananda, General Secretary, CSI, Adv. Robert C. Bruce, Treasurer, CSI, Rt. Rev. G. Devakadsham, Former Moderator and Bishop in Kanyakumari Diocese, Rt Rev. Ravikumar Niranjan, Bishop in Karnataka Northern Diocese, Rt Rev. Timothy Ravinder, Bishop in Coimbatore Diocese, Rt Rev. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop in Nandyal Diocese, Rt Rev. Dr C.L. Furtado, Rt Rev. Devaraj Bangera and Rt Rev. Dr J.S Sadananda – retired Bishops of Karnataka Southern Diocese.


Worship Service

The consecration and installation ceremony began with a prayer by the Moderator of CSI, Most Rev. Dr G. Dyvasirvadam. A procession of Deacons, Presbyters, Bishops, the Officers of the Synod, the Moderator along with the newly elected Bishop, the Officers of the Diocese and the Executive Committee members started towards the Cathedral. The solemn worship service began with the enthralling hymn, ‘The Church’s One Foundation’ as the procession entered the aisle of the Cathedral. Rt Rev. Ravikumar Niranjan, Bishop of Karnataka Northern Diocese welcomed the Moderator, Officers of the Synod, Bishops and the other dignitaries. The Vice President of KSD, Rev. Devakumar K.P, Rev. John Sumathi Paul, the Convener of the Ministerial Committee along with the five Area Chairmen of KSD, presented the Bishop-elect to the Moderator, CSI. Rev. Dr D. Rathnakar Sadananda, General Secretary of the CSI, read the instrument of election and selection. The congregation gave its assent. The Moderator preached an inspiring message on the occasion reiterating that bishops did not belong to an elite class but rather were called to be servants of the servant God. The cross has no handle to be carried like a suit case and can only be carried on one’s back. A bishop has to lead by example and by being one among his flock. The Balmatta Musical Association rendered a special number.



The Moderator then led the consecration and installation of the Bishop-elect. There was a solemn examination of the Bishop-elect, followed by the congregational hymn inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Moderator and the officiating Bishops laid their hands on the head of the Bishop-elect and prayed that God ordain and consecrate him Bishop in God’s Church. The Moderator then presented the newly consecrated Bishop with the Bible and the Pastoral Staff, the symbol of the good shepherd, while Bishop Niranjan adorned him with the Saffron Stole. Bishop Devakadasham presented the Cross while the Deputy Moderator placed the episcopal Ring on his finger, a token of pledge and fidelity. The Bishops then welcomed the new Bishop to the council of the Bishops by giving the right hand of fellowship. The Moderator then declared Rt Rev. Mohan Manoraj Bishop in the Church of God, in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The congregation responded with a loud ‘Amen’ and sang the doxology.



The newly consecrated Bishop was led to his Episcopal chair. The lay officers of the Diocese, representatives of the laity and representatives of the Deacons and Presbyters and women workers promised all due obedience to the new Bishop. Mr V. Isaac Vijayasekar, Secretary, Karnataka Southern Diocese presented copies of the Constitution of the CSI and of the KSD.


The new Bishop gave his brief but focused inaugural message emphasizing the fact that his election and selection was a miracle wrought by the Almighty. He also assured the people of God that he would strive hard to discharge his duties as Bishop with commitment and honesty. He exhorted all stakeholders to join hands with him in his mission of uplifting the Karnataka Southern Diocese to greater heights. After the intercessory prayer, the worship service continued with the Breaking of the Bread with the Moderator being the main celebrant and other Bishops assisting him as co-celebrants. Rev. Devakumar K.P., Vice President, KSD, Rev. Edward Karkada and Rev. Ebenezar Jathanna, Presbyters of CSI Shanthi Cathedral assisted the Moderator during the worship service.



At the end of the worship service, a formal felicitation for the dignitaries was held. The Presbyters and the Area Chairmen of the Diocese honoured the Moderator, the Deputy Moderator, Bishops of Coimbatore and Nandyal and Karnataka Northern Dioceses, Officers of the Synod, retired Bishops and the new Bishop of KSD. Mr V. Isaac Vijayasekar, Secretary, KSD, thanked the other dignitaries who were present during the worship service namely, Mr G.D. Pushparaj, Executive Trustee of AF&P Board, Mr Solomon Benjamin, Chief Executive, CCCYC, Rev. Dr J.R. John Samuel Raj, Principal, United Theological College, Dr P.A. Varaprasada Rao, Vice President of Nandyal Diocese, Mr. Arther Sadanandam, Executive Committee member CSI synod, Fr Dennis Moras Prabhu, Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese, Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan, Director of Synod Mission & Evangelism Department and Rev. Royce Victor, Liaison Officer. Fr Dennis Moras Prabhu, Vicar General of Mangalore Dioces offered felicitation to the new Bishop on behalf of the Roman Catholic Community of Mangalore. Rev. Dr Eberhard Will, General Secretary, CEF, Kassel and Lutz Drescher, EMS, Germany, Rev. Wolfgang Reuter-Ebel, Villingen Church Germany, Rt.Rev. S. Vasanth Kumar, Former Moderator CSI, sent their greetings. 


After the worship service the Bishops, the dignitaries, the congregation members and the general public greeted the newly consecrated Bishop.             


Brief Bio-data of the New Bishop

The new Bishop of KSD, Rt Rev. Mohan Manoraj hails from Mysore. He was born on the 16th November, 1954. He was ordained Deacon in 1986 and Presbyter in 1989 and brings along 28 years of ministerial experience. He was pastor in both village and urban congregations. He has served as Lecturer and Guest Lecturer in the Karnataka Theological College, Balmatta, Mangalore. He has the distinction of having served the KSD and CSI in many capacities. He was the Vice President of KSD and the Convener of the Socio-Economic Concerns Committee, KSD. In the Synod, he has held various responsibilities as Member of the Synod Council and the Synod Executive Committee, and Regional Coordinator of the Diaconal Ministry. 

Bishop Mohan Manoraj has a wealth of experience in both the Pastoral and the Academic fields. He has not only rendered yeoman’s service in the field of socio-economic concerns but has also contributed to the growth of the diocese through his proactive initiatives in different churches and community development projects.

He is blessed with an affectionate family. His wife Dr Prema Sarojini, is a Lecturer, in a P U College in H D Kote, Mysore while his two children Shalom Sannutha and Sundaresh Devapriyam are married to Mohan Kumar and Shruthi Ranjani respectively.



Mr V. Isaac Vijayasekar

Secretary, KSD