Monday, May 18, 2015

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The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Reuben Mark has been Consecrated and Installed as the sixth Bishop of the Karimnagar Diocese by the Most Reverend Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam, Moderator, CSI on the 4th May 2015 at CSI Wesley Cathedral, Karimnagar. The day of consecration was a remarkable and memorable event in the spiritual history of the Diocese. It was a joyful, blessed and spiritually overwhelming experience for people of Karimnagar Diocese to witness and celebrate the consecration of The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Reuben Mark.  The Wesley Cathedral was colorfully decorated and the ambience was beautiful and pleasant.

Blissful and Blessed Consecration Service: The Cathedral was filled and overflowed with more than 2500 people, comprising the profile of clergy and laity from various pastorates of the diocese, heads of institutions, and representatives from theological colleges, neighbouring dioceses, missionaries of the mission fields, government officials and members from other Christian denominations attended the blessed service. The consecration and Holy Eucharist service was conducted by the Most Reverend Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam, Moderator CSI. The Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, Deputy Moderator CSI, The Rt Rev. V. Prasada Rao, Moderator’s Commissary, Karimnagar Diocese, the Rt. Rev. B.D. Prasada Rao, Bishop, Rayalaseema Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Pushpalalitha, Bishop, Nandyal Diocese, Rev. Dr. D. Rathnakara Sadananda General Secretary CSI, the Rt. Rev. Dr. S. J. Theodore, Rtd Bishop, Karimnagar Diocese, the Rt. Dr. P. Surya Prakash, Rtd. Bishop, Karimnagar Diocese, Rev. P. Babu Rao Diocesan Vice Chairman, Rev. E. Paul, Diocesan Ministerial Secretary, Rev. S. John, Convenor, Diocesan Ministerial board, , Rev. R. Paul Kommal, Presbyter-in-charge, Wesley Cathedral, Karimnagar, participated in the blessed and solemn  service. During the service the congregation were greatly enlightened and edified to listen to the Moderator Thandrigaru,  who preached the word of God with advice to the newly consecrated Bishop emphasising  on the qualities of an Episcopal leader such as availability, approachability, pastoral leadership and humility, he also exhorted that the members of the church should respect, accept and support the Episcopal ministry.

The instrument was read by the General Secretary of CSI. After the oath of commitment Rev. Dr. K. Reuben Mark, Bishop Elect and invoking the power of Holy Spirit, the Moderator, duly consecrated him as the sixth Bishop of Karimnagar diocese by laying of hands on him along with the Bishops who were in the service. The new Bishop was presented  the ring, stole and cross, he was passed on the staff, and constitutions of CSI and the Diocese as sign of Episcopal ministry and authority, he was duly installed as the sixth bishop of Karimnagar. The newly consecrated Bishop of Karimnagar diocese, the Rt.Rev.Dr.K.Reuben Mark, in response expressed his profound gratitude to the Moderator Thandrigaru, the Deputy Moderator, General Secretary of CSI and all the Bishops who had travelled from far and graced the occasion, he also gave an assurance to the people about his Episcopal ministry in the diocese and his unreserved cooperation to the Synod. The Holy Communion was celebrated by the Moderator for which the clergy, the family members of the Bishop and his relatives were invited to take part in the Eucharist. The Consecration service was conducted in a serene and orderly way and it was a spiritual blessing to the diocese.