Youth DARE to DREAM begins…
Friday, Apr 06, 2018

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In facilitating the spirit of volunteering and learning, the Youth Department of the Church of South
India Synod under its initiative named, Youth DARE to DREAM, had sent two young volunteers into the Kurathikudy, a mission centre amidst the adivasi settlement in the forest and MDCMS high school girl’s hostel in Challamattom mission fields of East Kerala Diocese for a period of 25 days.

The Synod Youth Department through this initiative DARES the youth of CSI to DREAM a just and inclusive church in nurturing the ethos of radical discipleship and engagement in building Christ communities.

Mr. Immanuel from Thootukudi Nazareth Diocese and Ms. Janet from Karnataka Central Diocese
had taken this bold step in leaving their comfort zones treading to an unknown place to live with an unknown people and to experience the realities of life around them in a different context. The stay and exposure in these mission fields have deepened their commitment of the youth in defining discipleship and paving way for a radical engagement amidst missional congregations

They came back with rich experiences of encountering people and their stories, being challenged and inspired to become more dedicated to the cause of the poor and the marginalised in the society. Treading the paths in dense jungle and walking for hours together to visit families at the mission centres with the fear of always encountering wild animals and snakes has been a part of this exciting daring exposure. They opine that their time away from family also taught them the value and richness of other cultures and church traditions. They faced times of joy and sorrow, fear and faith in God within these 25 days only to deepen their commitment to church and its mission. The hospitality and the care they experienced have found new families and friends beyond barriers in East Kerala Diocese. They said that their perceptions about people of another region and language and outlook towards ministry has changed and at present they want to inspire the other young people to take up such challenging exposures to be changed and also to be a change in affirming life.

They were greeted and encouraged by the Moderator of CSI Most Rev. Thomas K Oommen and the General Secretary Rev. Dr. Rathnakara Sadananda, for daring to receive such an experience. They also presented them with Mementos and certificates in appreciation of their volunteer service and told them to continue their good work in the days to come.

The Youth Department of CSI, wishes to thank Rt. Rev. Dr. KG Daniel, Bishop of East Kerala Diocese, and all the people who gave these two young people a life changing experience at their Mission fields.

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