We too have dreams; we too hold aspirations assert the Rural Youth of CSI Karimnagar Diocese…
Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018

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The Skill Enhancement training program for Rural Youth under project MITHRA exclusively concentrating on those rural youth aspiring to migrate to urban areas in search of better education and livelihood opportunities was held in the remote locations of Antergaon and Panigiri mission fields of Karimnagar Diocese from 25th to 30th June 2018. 65 young people from the rural context attended this training program.

The main objective of this program was to enhance the already existing skills of the rural youth in building their confidence to face the challenges they would face in the urban context due to migration.  In a context of denied opportunities and hard conditions of life, though very talented and resourceful, our rural youth have always struggled to cope with the challenges this market economy offers. It is in this framework, the purpose of this program becomes more meaningful in enabling them to set goals, work in a team, map their careers, prove their leadership abilities and become more competent in the urban setting of life.

Through Skill enhancement training for Rural Youth, this program aims to provide the rural youth with opportunities for participation and growth, giving them various life coping and employable skills, help them realize their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to face the challenges and competitions of the modern world. This experiential learning focuses on the understanding of self and others and promotes positive attitudes and behaviour in the individual.

The Bishop of Karimnagar Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Rueben Mark inaugurated this event and encouraged the young people to lead meaningful lives to become resourceful to the church and the wider community. He encouraged the young people to over come their limitations and assured God’s accompaniment in every walk of their lives. He motivated them to make use of this training to the maximum to become competent and sure about their goals and purpose in life.

The training program in two different locations enabled the young people to discern and understand their priorities and build their confidence. At the end of the program they opined that the training was very useful and first of its kind in their context.

The Synod Youth Department acknowledges all the support rendered by the Youth Department of CSI Karimnagar Diocese and Skill factory, the professional institute for their expertise and support in sending their trainers to come and conduct this training program. Many such training programs are planned to reach the rural youth of CSI in the coming days.

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