Bishop George Stephen Urges that “We need to redefine spirituality to accommodate Ecological concerns"
Wednesday, Aug 08, 2018

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“We need to redefine spirituality to accommodate Ecological concerns", Bishop George Stephen exhorted while inaugurating the 'Green School Training Programme' for the teachers of Madras diocese of the Church of South India (CSI), organized by CSI Synod Department of Ecological concerns. "We are preparing people for the life after death without considering the life before death. If we do not have good quality water, air and vegetables, our life is at stake. Our spirituality should have an Ecological Concern. Hence the teachers should impart the message of sustainability to the students", the Bishop added. Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackadu (Hon. Director of Synod Ecological Concerns) presented the concepts of the Green School programme. Mr. Jacob Swaminathan, through the soft skills, motivated the teachers. Mr. Rijo T. Eipe, the Programme Facilitator, coordinated the event. Mr. Samuel Corneliose (Treasurer of Madras Diocese), Rev. Joseph Premkumar (Director, Eco vision, Madras Diocese) Mr. Arulnathan (Diocesan Educational officer) and Rev. D. Paul Williams (Vice-President of the Diocese) offered felicitation speeches.

The teachers expressed high appreciation on the one-day training. Some of the evaluations are given below. According to Mrs. Vivilina Angeline Shalom (C.S.I. Anderson day Girls H.S.S.), “The Green School Program was really very informative. It has helped me to show concern over the environment and understand that how we need to act to conserve it. We really understood that how insecure we have been and not to continue this act and will take immediate measures in all possible ways to make this earth a better place to live”. Mrs. D Davis Prince Rajakumar (C.S. I. Ewart Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Anna Nagar): “I am really impressed by the speeches of Dr. Mathew Koshy & Mr. Jacob Swaminathan. I was not serious about the world environment but now I came to know about the ecology & I'm eager to do this green school program in our school”. Ms. J Nirmala (C.S.I. Bishop Newbigin College of Education): “The sessions were very useful for all the teachers. I took one decision here after I won't use plastic in my home & try to make awareness among people & students. I will utilize my opportunities”.  Mrs. Sumitha Vinodhine (St. Thomas H.S.S., St. Thomas Mount): “The hare and tortoise story told by Dr. Mathew Koshy impressed me a lot and the importance to teamwork. So teamwork is essential for the success of this program. The information about the earth and resources were much useful. Surely I'll preserve our resources”. Ms. S. Christy Glory (C.S.I. Bain Hr. Sec. School, Kodungaiyur): “Even though I am a biology teacher, today only I came to know the significance of mangrove forests”. Mrs. Beulah Esther (C.S.I. Kellett H.S.S. Chennai): “Very useful, impressive, informative sessions both in the morning and evening. Innovative, creative thinking and implications were laid down”. Mr. S. Prabhu Doss (C.S.I. Gowdie H.S.S., Tiruvallur): “The first session was taken by Dr. Mathew Koshy and he explained six eco-justice principles. It was very useful for us and we will follow the principles in our school. Mr. Jacob Swaminathan gave some tips about the environment and he conducted some skill games based on environment. It was very useful for us. Ms. J. Joyce Christinal (C.S.I. Goodlet Hr. Sec School, Shilinghur): “Lecture given by Dr. Mathew Koshy was bible based and it was thought-provoking”. Ms. D. Mary Rosalin (C.S.I. Bain school, Kilpauk): “This program was very useful. Though we know most of the points, but Dr. Mathew Koshy explained it in a very orderly way. Once again, he helped us to remember the toxic effects caused by the chemicals and plastics. He taught us how to protect our environment”. Ms. P. Linda Justin (C.S.I. Ewarts Global School, Purusaivakkam): “Thank you for providing a good session on the Green School Program and making the day very interesting. In the morning session, the explanation about the environment, principles and the story gave us many valid information to be followed in day to day life”. Ms Georgina Paul (C.S.I. Ewart Women Christian College, Melrosapuram): “Both the lectures were mind opening and very informative. Biblical aspects were thought-provoking. The game conducted during the second session showed the importance of teamwork and the role played by each individual. We hope and plan to register in the Green School Programme”. Ms. Latha Premkumar (Jessie Mosses H.S.S. Annanagar): “All the six eco-principles were thoughtful and meaningful ones, which has helped me to understand the purpose of the creation. I recommend this kind of meeting in every school to create awareness among the students. Ms. E Kalai Selvi (C.S.I. Ewart School, Chennai): “Really it was very useful for us, I got more information about the environment, plastics, recycle, reuse and reduce the plastics. Mr. Jawahar Masilamani (C.S.I. Bishop Corrie H.S.S. Chennai): “I understood many important aspects on environment and we will implement this through the Green School Program. Mr. M. Fredrick Francis (C.S.I St. Columbus H.S.S. Chengalpattu): “This green school program training impressed me very much. This programme has taken me to a new level of understanding “.

Prof. Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackad,
Honorary Director of CSI Synod Ecological Concerns

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