Rev. Dr. Perumalla Praveen Prabhu Sudheer is Appointed as the Liaison Officer of CSI-EMS
Friday, Sep 07, 2018

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Rev. Dr. Perumalla Praveen Prabhu Sudheer is the newly appointed CSI-EMS Liaison Officer. He is an ordained Presbyter of Church of South India, Diocese of Karimnagar. He has been in the ministry for the past 24 years. He rendered services in the Diocese as Evangelist, Deacon, Presbyter, Pastorate Chairperson, Chairperson for the Group Church Council, Diocesan Executive Committee member and CSI Synod Theological Commission Member.

After his post-graduation studies in Social Analysis, he was leaned by the Diocese to be on the faculty of Andhra Christian Theological College (ACTC), Hyderabad. Besides teaching responsibilities at ACTC, he served as Registrar of the College; Dean for D.Min studies; Dean for M.Div; Dean for Practical Theology; Dean for CSI Hall; Warden, Property in-Charge and Sports in-Charge. He was the founder and first Director for Social Institute of Hyderabad India (SIHI) at ACTC, an institute to facilitate creative interactions between Theology and Humanities studies; Church and Society. He was also a visiting lecturer at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai, teaching for M.Th. His Ph.D is from the Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras, Chennai. His research was on land alienation of Dalit communities in Telangana and theological responses to Dalit land alienation. He had been a resource person at various national and international seminars, conferences on themes related to land, subsistence economy, caste and land, Dalit movements, and multilevel marketing. He had published a book titled "No to Trodden Path: A Theological Response to Net-Work Marketing," a pioneering theological work in India on Multi-level Marketing; he had published a number of research articles mostly in Indian Journals, Collective Volumes and Church Magazines. He had edited collective Volumes, ACTC Magazine, and Bible Society of India Telangana Auxiliary Magazine. His research works were presented at different Universities in Seoul; Martin Luther University, Wittenberg; in India- Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS), Shimla; University of Madras; Senate of Serampore affiliated Colleges, etc. He is a member of Asian theological Academy, Sri Lanka, representing CSI. He had been working with secular organisations such as Shanthi Sangham Warangal, that works towards inter-religious harmony at gross roots; Centre for Dalit Studies, Hyderabad. He had given leadership to the Bible Society of India as the first Auxiliary Secretary of Telangana Auxiliary, Secunderabad. His theological and missiological call to promote scriptures in the State of Telangana was “Bible to Every Home and Bible to Every Person.” The Telangana State government had recognised his theological and pastoral works and bestowed Telangana State Award to him for the year 2017.

Dr. Praveen is married. His wife Mrs. P. Mary Stella Praveen is a Post Graduate in Economics and Christian Studies. She had in her credit number of Championship awards in sports and games of Inter-University Tournaments as well as veteran athletics. They are blessed with two children, Miss P. Sheela Smruti (M. Pharma) works for a Pharma industry in Secunderabad, and Mr. P. Aman Jayaker (M. Sc Bio-Technology).

The CSI Synod and EMS, Germany, are pleased to welcome the family and introduce them to the wider community.


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