12th North Indian Family and Youth Conference held at CSI St. Andrew’s Church and Industrial Mission, Bhilai
Monday, Oct 29, 2018

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A Call to Third Pentecost – Bishop Thomas K. Oommen

The time has evolved for the Church especially the CSI to grow to a higher lever organic union and thus make 1947, the formation of C.S.I. as Second Pentecost, relevant to the current times. The theme, "Borderless Church" of the 70th Year Celebration of the Church of South India (CSI) is reoriented to form "Borderless Mission: Being and Becoming Disciples" as the theme for 12th North Indian Family and Youth Conference at C.S.I.  St. Andrew’s Church and C.S.I. Industrial Mission, Bhilai. The Conference was held from 18th to 21st October 2018 at Christian College of Engineering and Technology, Bhilai under the auspices of C.S.I.  St. Andrew’s Church and C.S.I. Industrial Mission, Bhilai. The conference began with the flag hoisting ceremony and two tree saplings were planted as the commemoration of the great event, inside the College campus. The Conference was inaugurated by C.S.I. Moderator and Bishop in the Diocese of Madhya Kerala along with His Grace Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius and diocesan officials from C.S. I. Madhya Kerala Diocese. There were about 200 delegates from 15 parishes of Madhya Kerala Diocese in North India. The Conference adds missionary zeal to deliberations and discussions with the active contributions of Missionaries from the following mission fields, Parkal Mission, Telangana Mission, Charkhari Mission, Odisha Mission, Shalom Mission, Bengal Mission, Uttarakhand Mission and Katrapally Mission.

The sessions were taken by presbyters and laymen of the Madhya Kerala Diocese on the theme with different perspectives to enhance the larger theme of Borderless Church of Church of South India. Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen led the sessions with his profound Biblical perspective that we are called to have a divine intervention, divine love and divine communion in the larger perspective of the Borderless Mission. The later sessions were taken by Rev. Thomas Paikad, Dr. Susan Thomas, Rev. Samji K. Sam, Rev. Aby K. Thomas, Rev. Alex Abraham, Rev. Gibin Thampy, and Mr. Mathew Kurian. The sessions emphasized the urgency to redefine mission as to be ostracized for Christ’ Sake. This gives us the wider ecclesia to envision Christ in others. The conference was also reminisced by the dedication of Mr. Lincy Varghese from C.S.I. Church, Parel as a full lay missionary to the Diocese of Madhya Kerala. Bishop Thomas Oommen also blessed the foundation stone of C.S.I. Church, Bujanoor at C.S.I. Telangana Mission. The Missionary Conference under the aegis of Rev. Subin G. Thomas and Missionaries of Bhilai Industrial Mission empowered the delegates to rethink their missional perspectives. The talent night by the delegates also favoured the spirit of transcending boundaries of the region, language and age. The conference concluded with reflections of the delegates, where they emphasized that the change has to be from local parishes and congregations for which we are equipped through this conference. The Borderless Mission encourages us to revisit the present boundaries of conscientization and to enliven in a broader perspective of the wider ecclesia. The members of C.S.I. Church, Pune took the beacon to conduct 13th North Indian Family and Youth Conference in the year 2020.

With inputs from 
Rev. Subin Thomas,
Vicar, St. Andrew’s CSI Church,
Bhilai, Chhattisgarh state 

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