“Mission is not the Matter of Power, but the Matter of Being and Becoming Small, Simple and Significant like Jesus Christ”: Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda
Friday, Nov 23, 2018

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“Mission is not the Matter of Power, but the Matter of Being and Becoming Small, Simple and Significant like Jesus Christ”: Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda

Chennai: “Mission is not the Matter of Power, but the Matter of Being and Becoming Small, Simple and Significant like Jesus Christ” stated by Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda, General Secretary, Church of South India during the Inaugural and Key-Note Address in Kerala Regional Mission Enhancing Program along with Malabar Diocesan Mission Fest-2018 at CSI, St. Mary’s English Church, Kozhikode on 16th to 18th November 2018.

Rev.Dr.Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda further emphasized that Mission is all about becoming small for the least, lost and last. It is not at all the matter of power, but the matter of service in love. He has highlighted the features of Bethlehem, the House of Bread where common people are living together including grassroot level farmers and the features of Jerusalem, the center of Power and politics. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem which reveals the significant of so called insignificants.  Being like a mustard seed and grow well and embrace all. This is the experience of the Kingdom of God. It’s all about the small and simple starting, eventually, it will be widening and spreading qualitatively to embrace all. Like a small boy who has two fish and five loaves, our resources must be share to others and then, God will bless it and transform it for the well being of all. Again, he stated that Church must embrace the people on the street those who are deprived from the mainstream of the community. As a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies to bear fruits, Church should be emptied themselves in order to bear fruits for the living community. And, it is the need of the hour for the Church to organize common platform to celebrate justice, peace and reconciliation through which we could able to invite all to join and celebrate the life, General Secretary added.

The whole meetings were presided over by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Victor, Bishop in Malabar Diocese. During the presidential address, Bishop highlighted that this Mission Fest is the first and foremost Mission Fest of newly formed Malabar Diocese. He further added that this Fest is just a starting only and there will be more Missional engagements and programs in the days to come. Bishop has reminded about the remarkable legacy of the Mission and Missionaries those who are sacrificially worked for the common well-being of the society. “As getting power out of this legacy, we need to identify the signs of the age and serve the community for the radical transformation of all”, Bishop added. Again, he stated that we all are the called out and send out community. Its all about our responsibility and accountability to all our fellow beings. We should serve as an exponent of the Mission of Jesus Christ and uphold the fellowship and move ahead, Bishop has encouraged the delegates.

“We have to engage in Mission with Passion”, Rev. N.K. Sunny, Clergy Secretary has stated during his felicitation speech. He again stated that we must arise, stand up and marching ahead for the Mission of God. Our Lord is always with us. Moreover, we must be conscious about Mission regularly, he added.

“Small is beautiful, small is powerful and small is significant” stated Rev. T.I. James, Corporate School Manager for Malabar Diocese during his felicitation. He further added that there may be number of people those who are seeming to be insignificant, but it is the high time to identify those people and bring them out to the frontline since they are having significant potentialities to transform the living circumstances in accordance to the values of God’s kingdom, he added.

“We must be the example in doing Mission”, stated Mrs. Esther Reginald, Women’s Fellowship General Secretary in Malabar Diocese while she was conveying a felicitation to the Mission Fest. She further added that we all are the Missionaries and we should remember our forefathers and by receiving energy and enthusiasm from their dedicated and committed Missional engagements, we should act today actively to transform the world.

Rev.Paul David Thottatthil, Rtd. Presbyter, Malabar Diocese has conducted a session based on “Missionary Dreams in Malabar”. In this regard, he commemorated all tireless efforts rendered by the Missionaries including Basel Mission Missionaries for the development of the Church and society as well.

Prof. Jaiprakash Raghaviah, Author and Historian has led a session on “Conversion and Re-Engineering of Self”. He has highlighted the tremendous efforts done by the missionaries for the social reformation as well as transformation.  Conversion is not mere change from one religion to another, rather, it is all about personal transformation and correlation to one another, he added.

Rev. Shoban Kumar Daniel, Mission Director for Malabar Diocese has given the introductory remarks in which he emphasized the need and rationale behind the Mission Fest. He stated that this Mission Fest will be a starting point and there will be series of Missional Programs in Malabar Diocese in the days to come. Moreover, he extended a call to all Congregations to organize a Mission Core group in Church level, thereby, all those core groups will work together for the Missional activities of Malabar Diocese.

Following to the Mission Fest, there was a Mission Bible Convention in the evening of the first day and the Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa, Bishop in Malankara Marthoma Church was the preacher. In his preaching, Bishop encouraged all to embrace the new and fresh thing for the glory of God. He further added that we are called out to be identifiable and different and “we are the chosen community, not frozen community”.  Jesus Christ is our model and we should propagate the gospel of Christ through our deeds and words, Bishop added.

Dr. George Itty was the Program convener and he has organized the Mission Fest along with Rev. Shoban Kumar Daniel in an appreciable, meticulous and meaningful way.   There were around 400 participants including Mr. Desmond Babu, Malabar Diocesan Treasurer, Mr. Kennet Lazar, Lay Secretary of Malabar Diocese, Mrs. Bindu Royce, Women’s Fellowship President of Malabar Diocese, Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director, Pastors, Church workers, Missionaries from various Dioceses of Kerala Region and the congregation members. 

The whole program was based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. The Mission Fest was organized as the joint venture between CSI Synod Mission Department and Board of Mission and Evangelism, Malabar Diocese. CSI St. Mary’s Church has rendered a commendable hospitality to the program.   It was a venue for mutual learning and listening, fellowship and rejuvenation in doing Mission.

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Rev. Maxcin John, Director for the Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod.

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