“Enhancing Capacities of Medical Professionals Towards the Missional Engagements”: Malabar Diocese
Friday, Nov 23, 2018

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“Enhancing Capacities of Medical Professionals Towards the Missional Engagements”: Malabar Diocese

Chennai: ‘Healing is an integral part of Mission and all the Medical professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physio Therapists, Medical Reps, Hospital Attenders, Chaplains so on are the Missionaries’ was the profound message brought forth in a program for Medical professionals organized on 17th November 2018 at CSI St. Mary’s English Church, Kozhikodu. 

Dr. George Itty, Malabar Diocese has given a meaningful introduction about the Medical Mission. He stated that “Medical Mission is an act of transformation”. Therefore, all medical professionals irrespective of any categories are the Medical Missionaries. Moreover, all medical professionals are called to be servants to serve society without any reservation and divisions. Nay, they must radiate positive energy and hope to the living context and they should empower others. Hence, Medical Mission is the life-giving Ministry, he added.

Dr. Josemon George, East Kerala Diocese has led a session on “The Role of Missionaries in Healing Ministry”. He has underlined the threefold ministry of Jesus Christ such as Teaching, Preaching and Healing. He further added that there won’t be any Missional engagements without healing ministry. It’s beyond any religious activities, it is secular, and this ministry should reach to all people without any categorizations and differences. Healing ministry is purely a salvific action. Therefore, all, especially Missionaries those who are appointed in various places should know the basic skills in connection to the Basic Community Health as well as pre-hospital care, he added.

Dr. Sheela Noone, Malabar Diocese in her session pointed out that all medical professionals must be like good Samaritan who has provided first aid, shelter, provisions for primary needs and even follow ups. She further added that all Medical professionals should have healthy and genuine communication skills. They must maintain pure and genuine love towards the people those who are suffering from various health complications and they must be pleasant to others as much as possible. All should keep the servant attitude towards the healing ministry and ever ready to help others, even ready to go for an extra mile to make others to be healthy, she added.

Dr. Periyan, Malabar Diocese has shared his profound experiences as Medical Superintend in a Mission Hospital. Without any reservation, he stated that “let others to see and taste Jesus Christ through our life. He further added that be available to the needy. Our presence itself will be a real source of relief and consolation. Don’t be judgmental but listen others and extend love and care as much as possible.  It is not feasible to jump into the conclusions, rather, slowly and empathetically observe and even ready to give a cordial touch which will be impactful and more fruitful. Above all, God is healer and Christ is healer, he added.

The Faculties from Kerala United Theological Seminary also have extended their presence to the Mission Enhancing Program. Rev. Dr. M.P. Joseph (KUT Principal), Rev. Dr. John Winslow (Theology), Rev. Ninan Jacob (NT), Rev. John Davidson Johnson (Ethics), and Rev. Ebenezer Shinekumar (Religion) have attended the program. “We all are born out of gospel of Jesus Christ”, stated by Rev. Dr. M.P. Joseph during his felicitation in the meeting. He further added that we need to remember that we are called out from darkness into light to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through our life.

Following to the Mission Enhancing Program, there was a Mission Convention. Rev. Dr. Ajith Kumar was the preacher. During his preaching he pointed out that “Bible is the Mission Document and God is the first Missionary who sent God’s son Jesus Christ as the best Missionary”. He further stated that Mission is not option, but an obligation in which all should participate for the radical transformation of all the people.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Victor, the Officers of the Malabar Diocese, Board for Mission and Evangelism in Malabar Diocese, Synod Mission Department, and St. Mary’s English Church have organized the program as joint venture. Apart from the Medical professionals, Pastors, Church Workers, Missionaries from Various Dioceses of Kerala Region and the members from various congregations have attended the program more creatively.

This Mission enhancing program was an eye-opening, challenging and a missional call to engage in Missional activities more actively and enthusiastically.

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Rev.Maxcin John, Director for the department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod.

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