Women DARE inaugurates its retail outlet in Kanyakumari
Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019

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Women DARE (Dalit & Adivasi Rural Entrepreneurs) is an initiative of CSI SEVA that promotes life-affirming local economy and livelihoods of the most marginalised communities. Women DARE builds a market for the produce of women’s collectives that were trained and promoted by the Church of South India, in an effort to challenge the market of the Global Empire. The opening of the second Women DARE outlet is another step in CSI SEVA's journey towards affirming local economy spearheaded by women.

CSI SEVA in association with CSI Kanyakumari Diocese inaugurated a retail outlet in the premises of the Diocesan office in Nagercoil on 5th February 2019. The Rt.Rev. B.N. Fenn, Bishop in Cochin & Moderator Commissary in Kanyakumari Diocese inaugurated the store in the presence of the Diocesan officials and representatives from Women’s fellowship and Self-Help Groups.

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