Race of accompaniment, through strategic Peacebuilding!
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

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Building Local Capacities for Peace (LCP) has been part of CSI’s ongoing work for about 10 years now. The “Youth for Peace” (YFP) movement paved its way in South India in early 2016. YFP seeks to capacitate young people to bring about conflict transformation. Of late, YFP has expanded and taken on the huge task of working on conflicts by analyzing, strategizing and handling conflicts in a more systematic manner.

Mr. Sandeep Jason, a youth member from Karimnagar Diocese who was part of the mega event ‘Christa Yuva Jathrothsava’ at Tiruvalla in 2016 and trained in trained in LCP/DNH (Do No Harm) ever since, met with the organizers from the LCP Desk of Synod to plan for the workshops.

The LCP/DNH orientation and the capacity building workshops was a collaboration for capacity building and targeted strategizing. The workshops took place in two locations splitting the 6 dioceses of the Telugu region into two. The first one was held at CSI Cathedral, Dornakal diocese on the 8th and 9th of February and the second one on the 22nd and 23rd of February at CSI Campbell hospital, Rayalaseema Diocese. Rev. Solomon Paul, Director Synod Youth Department spoke to the youth about the importance of Peace, the necessity for peacebuilding and how youth have to move out of their comfort zones and react as responsible citizens of our country. This emphasis was given in order for youth to think beyond the walls of the church.

During the first half of the workshop, the youth were taught to construct a case right from the primary step of collecting data, to understanding the context, referring to different sources of reliable information and importantly how to collect the primary and Secondary data from within their geographical reach. In the second half, the workshop’s focus moved on to understand the conflict transformation tools starting from the actor and relationship mapping. This enhanced the understanding of how different people have different levels of influence over the issue and how people have direct and indirect impact on different actors. The youth then used five parameters: (i) Systems & Institutions, (ii) Attitudes & Actions, (iii) Different/Shared Values & Interest, (iv) Different/Shared Experiences & (v) Symbols & Occasions to analyze the case chosen. By now the youth were competent to analyze the connectors and dividers among the specified actors. This exercise enabled the participants to fix the actors with whom they would work to reduce the tensions/dividers and enhance the connectors. As the final step before the actual intervention in the field, young people were introduced to the DNH framework (7 Ws & 1 H). These youth from all the six dioceses planned their interventions pertaining to the identified issues which are as follows: (Dornakal – Decline in education services; Karimnagar – Substance abuse; Krishna Godavari – Caste Discrimination; Medak – Land Acquisition {Macro level - Community}; Rayalaseema – Illegal Belt Shops & Land acquisition {Micro level – Individual} and Nandyal – Property dispute). The youth planned the steps in the intervention from picking their actors to start with, time to initiate the intervention & the entire time frame for the process, roles and responsibilities of all youth members within their group and so on. In conclusion the youth planned clear cut intervention strategies (Methodology) as well relating to their identified case analysis. All of these, starting from constructing a case to plan of action was delivered to the youth by a systematic approach going one step at a time and also by giving evidence-based approach to the land dispute case which Mr. Sandeep Jason has been working on in his diocese.

These capacity building workshops were organized and facilitated by Rev. Solomon Paul, Director, Synod Youth Department, Mr. Sandeep Jason, Yellow Brigade, Karimnagar Diocese and Mr. Praveen Daniel, Program Executive- LCP, CSI-SEVA. We convey our heartfelt gratitude to the leadership of The Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Prasada Rao, Deputy Moderator & Bishop in Dornakal and Rt. Rev. Dr. B. D. Prasada Rao, Bishop in Rayalaseema for deputing personnel who made all the logistic arrangements locally. Most importantly we thank them for making time to meet the young people and for encouraging them through emphasizing the importance of peacebuilding by giving examples of the reduced tensions between South Korea & North Korea and West Germany & East Germany. We also thank The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Reuban Mark, Bishop in Karimnagar, The Rt. Rev. T. George Cornelious, Bishop in Krishna Godavari, The Rt. Rev. A.C. Solomon Raj, Bishop in Medak, and The Rt. Rev. Dr. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop in Nandyal for their continued support in youth activities and for nominating and encouraging enthusiastic young people to participate in programs whose impact reaches beyond the walls of the church.

In this fast-moving world, we as believers of Christ are christened to remember and help those who are unaware of their rights and continue to have difficulties to live, we need to run the race of accompaniment by ensuring fullness of life for all.

Praveen Daniel S
Program Executive – LCP

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