“To Build the Future Qualitatively, Uphold the Juniors towards Transformative Mission”: The School of Mission and Evangelism -2019 in Kannammoola
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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Chennai: The Church of South India Mission and Evangelism Department has involved in a three-day training program for youngsters in the church to become more missional. The program, ‘School of Mission and Evangelism-2019’ was organized by the Board of Mission and Evangelism, South Kerala Diocese on 9th to 11th May 2019 at Sunday School Mandiram, Kannammoola. The theme for the meeting was “Evangelization: Focus and Commission”.

A three -day training program was inaugurated by the Rt. Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam, Bishop in South Kerala Diocese. Bishop highlighted the need to encourage and inspire the youngsters to become creative channels of kingdom values such as peace, justice, and reconciliation. Rev.Dr.Pronstone Ben conducted a Mission Motivation Class, Rev.Dr. B.H.Wils Raj based on “ Charater formation and leadership quality”, Dr. Kavitha Kavitha Sreenivasan led a session based on ‘the History of Mission’, Rev.Ramesh Kumar spoke about ‘ Focusing on Mission’, Rev. Kalvin Kisto conducted a session besed on “ mission’, Dr. Willima John taken a session on “ Evangelization”. Synod Mission Director educated the delegates based on “Mission and Calling: Transforming engagements”. Mr. J.S. Sathydas (Manger, BFM) and Rev. Sathydhas Prasad (Peringamala) also have led different sessions regarding mission.

The prayers and devotions were led in various sessions by Mr. Devaraj (A. O. BFM), Rev.Dr. Samjis (District Chairman, Kannammoola), Rev.M.R.Solomon ( Chief Promotor, BFM), and Rev. Dr. John Winslow( K.U.T Seminary, Kannammoola).

Rev. C.P. Justin Jose (Director, BFM), Rev. P. Chandran (Ass. Director, BFM), Mr. Donald Lal (Secretary, BFM) have organized the training program along with other members in creative and constructive ways.

The School of Mission and Evangelism was the venue for learning and listening about various missional experiences, testimonies, missionary biographies, missional songs, context and background of different Indian Villages. It was also enhancing the various capacities of juniors to participate in the missional engagements in the days to come. The Program was enriched by the time for prayer and devotions, Mission skits and mission cultural activities.

Forty delegates have attended in the training program and the group was included the people those who wanted to know about mission, those who wanted to be missionaries and those who wanted to rededicate for the missional activities.  The program has communicated a sustainable message that “to build the future qualitatively, uphold the juniors towards transformative Mission”.


Reported by
Rev. Maxcin John,
Director for the Mission and Evangelism,
CSI Synod.


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