“Mission must be reaching to the People”: Pulikuthi Mission Summer Camp-2019
Friday, May 24, 2019

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Chennai: Church of South India, Department of Mission and Evangelism has involved in the Mission Summer Camp-2019 organized by Board for Mission and Evangelism, Vellore Diocese on May 14th – 18th at CBSE School, Thirupattur.

By Upholding the ultimate message that “Mission must be reaching to People”, Mission Summer Camp was organized in a creative manner under the missional leadership of Rev. Dr. Sharma Nithyanandam (Chairman, Board of Mission and Evangelism, Vellore Diocese), Rev. DSC Menon (Mission Director, Vellore Diocese) and Mr. Gnana Sigamani( Mission Coordinator).It was well attended by all the Missionaries of Vellore Diocese and they were divided into five teams: Devotion team (This team is responsible to organize and lead Everyday devotion in the morning), Registration team(This team is responsible for registering the names, addresses of all the members who participate in this 5 days camp) Organizing team(This team is responsible to organize all the programs in this camp, to distribute the tracts, gospels to each group etc), Food team(This team is responsible for food to all the members who attend the camp), and Hospitality team(This group is responsible to receive guests from different places). 

As an introductory remark, Rev. Dr. H. Sharma Nithayanadam told that ‘Mission work is must, needful and its must be done with wider aspect’. Rev. Barnabas, (Central Area Chairman), and Rev. Bhaktha Thyagaraja, (Local Presbyter),

Rev. C. Manimaran, (The Chairperson of Eco Concerns & Central Area Vice President), Dr. Kabilan(Rtd.,Medical Officer), Mr. Amen Raj (Secretary, CSI Velam Church), Mr. Israel, Treasurer, (CSI Velam Church), Mr. Gnana Sigamani, (Coordinator),  Mr. Suresh( Independent Church Pastor) , Mr. Kumar, Mr. Jothi (CPM Pastor), Rev. Paul Robert Kennedy, (Director,  Eco Concerns Department), Rev. T. Augustine( Former, Synod Mission Director) and Rev. Maxcin John ( Synod Mission Director) have participated in the Mission Camp in different times and conveyed greetings.

The Missionaries have visited various villages such as Thimmavaram, Ravanthampatti and Vinayakapuram, Karapatti, Gangapirampatti, Uthangarai and Papanur, Thimmavaram, Ravanthampatti and Vinayakapuram.and did street preaching, distributed tracts, Gospels, and prayed for the sick and the needy. Short film was played on the most happening incident in our Indian houses I.e.," Alcohol Addiction " and how Jesus loves everybody.

The Mission Summer Camp was the opportunity to reach people and share the good news of Jesus Christ. It was the time to learn and relearn the living context of the villages which was eye-opener to the burning issues of the people.

The Board of Mission and Evangelism in Vellore Diocese , especially Rev.Dr.H.Sharma Nithyanadham, Rev.DSC Menon and all other Missionaries deserve remarkable appreciation for their passion for the mission.


Reported by
Rev.Maxcin John,
Director, Mission and Evangelism, Department, CSI Synod.

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