Church of South India Board for Child Care (CSIBCC) takes extra efforts to meet the needs of the children they cater even during the pandemic times. A report by Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS), Germany.
Friday, Sep 04, 2020

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How are the children in the homes of the CSI Board of Child Care (CSIBCC) doing during COVID-19 times? As all places of education in India, the homes have been closed for the time being and many children returned to their families. Those children who have no home continue to live in the children’s homes premises. Faced with these new challenges in child education and childcare, the staff of the CSIBCC are creatively and courageously attending to the children's concerns to create a safe place even under the most difficult circumstances. They are doing what they can to support the children. For one thing, they are offering online education. If there is no internet access available, the staff members try to provide the children with the most important information in writing. They are also regularly in touch with the children through providing dry grocery, attending to their health concerns as well as educational concerns either digital or in person.

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