'DARPAN': CSI Synod Communication Workshop on Report and Feature Writing Comes to a Close at Kanyakumari
Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

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The session for the third day of 'DARPAN: Tamil Region Workshop on Reporting and Feature Writing', a writing workshop, began with 'morning worship'. The first session was chaired by Ms Jessie Paul. Dr Shemin Balachandran Nair (Filmmaker/Cinematographer and Academician) spoke on the topic 'Writing News for Visual Media'. He explained the functions of visual media and gave an insight as to how media can be used in the secular and religious counterparts of society. He suggested that if a person wants to write an article in any kind of media 'one must first unlearn to learn something new". He reiterated that 'writing is a struggle against silence and one must follow non-verbal communication because it is the sacred mantra, to begin with. He then guided that one must generate an idea first to write something new followed by a synopsis, treatment, plot and the structure of a story. He then concludes by saying that 'Time and Space' is very essential for visual media.

The second session was moderated by Rev. Beaula Poongudi. Dr Paul T. Benziker, Department of Visual Communication, Scott Christian College, took a class on the topic "Photojournalism". He explained that photojournalism is a form of journalism as it employs images in order to tell a news story. He clarified that it is essential to practice taking photos to become a good photojournalist because these pictures help communicate with one another. He said that technical skills are very important to a photojournalist as they will help one to be creative with a little persistence. He then concluded by saying that 'A strong picture doesn't read captions to create an impact' as it always appears in newspapers, magazines and the internet.

The third session was moderated by Rev. Bobby Alfred. Dr L. Judith Sophia, Assistant Professor of English, Scott Christian College spoke on the topic "Feature Writing". She says that feature writing is a kind of news story and she explained the characteristics of a feature writer. She stated that a feature writer must create an instinct to write well by being a good reader. She explained that one must never write a news article with partiality. When a person writes an article, it must have brevity, coherence and perseverance. She concluded by saying that one must follow a four-step plan to write a feature article that is to 'Capture the Idea', 'Develop the Idea', 'Tailor the Idea' and to 'Test the Idea'.

The final day of the workshop concluded with a plenary and valedictory session. Gifts were distributed by the Communication Department of the Kanyakumari Diocese as well as the CSI Synod to all the delegates.

~CSI Synod Communications Reporting Team

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