Monday, Apr 12, 2021

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Department of Mission and Evangelism CSI Synod along with Home Missionary Society of Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese has organized a one-day Missionary conference on 06th March 2021 at OCPM School ,Madurai. Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Joseph, Bishop in Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese has inaugurated the conference. " Live as a Christian is great challenge", Bishop stated in his inaugural speech. He further added that selfless love must be the driven force in our day to day missional engagements. Any missional engagements through love and humanity will be everlasting and deep-rooted, Bishop added.

Adv. C. Fernandas Rathina Raja, General Secretary, Church of South India CSI Synod has delivered the keynote address based on " Relevance of Be-SMART in the present context: Practical Implications and Suggestion". He has highlighted the importance of CSI Mission Statement in the day to day missional engagements. It is our bounden duty to declare our solidarity through the constant accompaniment towards the broken communities like Adivasi-Dalit, LGBTQ, and other less-privileged and underprivileged communities. It is the need of the hour to make timely awareness program towards the sustainable transformation of the broken communities. Missionaries must not be mere spectators, rather, they must be active participants in the every aspect of the human life, he added.

Mrs. P. Leela Manohari Joseph, the President , Women's Fellowship in Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese has led a session based on " Woman Empowerment in the Mission Fields in the light of Be-SMART". She has highlighted the role of the women characters in the Bible and stressed a need of empowering women missionaries to serve for the women empowerment , especially in the most vulnerable areas.

Love must be the driving spirit in all missional engagements which should be for everybody's well-being, she added.

Rev. A. David Jabaraj, Clergy Secretary in Madurai-Ramnad Diocese has led a session based on " True Spiritual Nourishment of the People in the Mission Fields in the light of Be-SMART". He stated that live out the gospel is the only way to nourish people spiritually. Integrity and credibility of our life is most important. Witnessing through our words as well as deeds will be the right medium for the spiritual nourishment. All our engagements must be filled with love for all, he added.

Rev. Dr. A. Yakkobu, Deputy Chairman conveyed a greetings to the conference. Mr. J.P. Edwin Chelliah, Registrar, Mrs. Mary, OCPM School Principal, Rev. Caleb Vinolin, Junior Church, Rev. Sathish, Department of Eco-Concern, and Rev. Peter, Department of Christian Education has attended the conference. Department of Home Missionary Society of the Diocese Director Rev. Pon Prabhakar has organized the conference along with missionaries . Rev. Maxcin John has explained the concept of " Be-SMART" as Be- Sustainable Mission Accompaniment towards Radical Transformation". A seventy five participants including delegates from HMS, Divyabodhiny School, and Junior Church have attended in the conference. OCPM School presented a welcome dance. The Conference was a venue for refreshing and rejuvenating experience in doing mission.

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