Pastoral Concerns :: Christian Education :: Aims & Objective

Christian Education Department aims at systematic education for children to foster the kingdom values and faith perspectives in each generation. Carefully structured contents address the issues confronting the Church and her mission today, besides faith narratives.

Aims and Objectives

  • To publish Sunday school and VBS materials and Curriculum in order to help the Children to be nurtured in Christian faith.
  • To foster leadership qualities among the Children.
  • To provide trainer’s resource, teaching aid and equipment.


  1. Wings of Faith – Graded Sunday School Curriculum – 15 Vol.
  2. VBS Material in regional languages.
  3. Publication of confirmation Curriculum.


  1. Peter Cater Scripture Knowledge Examination (Certificate Courses, Children Credit Courses)
  2. Initiating Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.
  3. Rallies, Retreats and Camps for rural children.
  4. Workshop and Conference for Sunday School Teachers.
  5. Licentiate Course for Sunday School Teachers.