Pastoral Concerns :: Pastoral Ministry :: Aims & Objective

Pastoral Aid Department (PAD) of the Church of South India endeavours to serve the congregations by equipping the pastors, evangelists and catechists with necessary biblical knowledge, skills and expertise required to meet the varied needs of the congregation in multiple contexts.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide continuing education through Bible studies, inter-Diocesan exposure, seminars on contemporary issues, particularly at the grass root level.
  • To publish Bible study materials and other literature in order to help the pastors and the congregations to meaningfully participate in God’s ministry.
  • To foster leadership qualities among the pastors.
  • To equip the pastors’ spouses, Ordained women, and the sisters of the Order of sisters who are involved in God’s ministry to be effective in their ministry.


  • Periodical publication of Bible Studies, Advent Meditation, Lenten Thoughts, Sermon Outlines, Almanac and liturgy for special occasions.
  • Publication of Ministerial Roll, Prayer Diary, Pastors manual, and other resource materials from the seminars.


  • Institute of Pastoral Management (IPM) – through which about 350 pastors will be capacitated in the vital issues and concerns such as finance management, human resource management, conflict transformation, team building, legislations and policies relating to Christina community and so on.
  • In-service training, Personality Development programme, Leadership training  and counselling programmes for Pastors.
  • Pastors’ Summer Family Conference, Young Pastors’ Meet, Rural Pastors’ Meet
  • Regional clergy Koinonia, Diocesan level clergy retreats, Seminars & Workshops on migrants, music, liturgy, socio-economic, ecclesiastical and ecological concerns.