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Pre-Lenten Retreat for the Clergy of Karnataka northern Diocese
Friday, Feb 24, 2017

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A One day Pre-Lent Retreat for the clergy of CSI Karnataka Northern Diocese was jointly organized by Pastoral Aid Department, CSI Synod and   Karnataka Northern Diocese on 24th February 2017 on the theme - Cross: A Call to Repentance and Reconciliation. Around 60   pastors of the Diocese have attended the Retreat. After the formal welcome by the Diocesan Secretary Dr. Immanuel Malekar, the retreat was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Ravi Kumar Niranjan, the Bishop in Karnataka Northern Diocese. He exhorted the pastors to prepare themselves for the forth coming Lenten  season and gave  a  call  to make  use  of the  inputs from the retreat  shared by the resource persons and  thereby  make this  year’s Lenten   special, and a more meaningful one.

 In the first session, Rev. K. James Cecil Victor, Director, Department of Pastoral Concerns, Synod, shared valuable insights on the theme. He gave a clarion call to all pastors to focus on the Synod’s proposal for Carbon Fast during the Lent and gave some practical suggestions to reduce carbon whereby we join the global movement of protecting our world from the environmental hazards. The second session was led by Rev. Dr. Dexter Maben, Professor at the United Theological College, Bangalore. He emphasized on a walk to repent, walk to resist and walk to reconcile. His remark “Every station of   Jesus’ walk towards the Calvary   is the   walk of  resistance”  is  worth  recalling.

Rev.Mrs. Hannah Niranjan, the Bishop Amma of the Diocese led the pastors in the  group  discussion during the Post Lunch  Session, wherein  all the   members of  group were given time  to think about and present the possible  activities, programmes  in the  church  which would translate the  call  of the CSI Synod for “Carbon  Fast”. She also shared her thrilling experience  of  her visit to the Holy  Land  and how it has been a life-changing experience.

There was also a time for the Diocesan Auditor to share the concerns pertaining to the Financial Management and Compliances. He emphasized on the importance of transparency and accountability of every single unit. Pastors could ask questions get clarifications from him.  In the closing session, Rt. Rev. Ravi Kumar Niranjan, Bishop in Karnataka Northern Diocese expressed  gratefulness to the Officers of the Synod, Chair Person of the Pastoral AID Department and the Director of  the Pastoral Concerns, Synod for facilitating the Pastors’ Pre- Lent  Retreat in  KND for the first time  in the Diocese. The  feedback  sheet collected at the end of  the retreat was an eye opener  where , many pastors  opined  that  the  retreat  gave them  a new perspective toward the  lent and has helped them to prepare adequately for  the Lenten season.

Rev. Samuel Calvin, Associate Treasurer, KND, drew curtain on the One Day Retreat with a vote of thanks. Mr. Anand Sadaguna Paul, Treasurer, KND, Rev.  Daniel Honnaykar,   Associate Secretary of Diocese of KND and other   office bearers were also part of this memorable and thought provoking retreat.


Dr. Immanuel Malekar- Hon. Secretary, KND


Rev. K. James Cecil Victor- Director, Pastoral Concerns