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The Penultimate Day of IPM Batch I
Thursday, Jul 20, 2017

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Began with the devotion and Bible Study led by Rev. Dr. D. R. Sadananda, the General Secretary, CSI on 'Managers and Leaders'. "Leader is a catalyst who will allow others to achieve what they can and what they out to" was the tag line of the Bible Study. he challenged the participants to become transformational rather than transactional leaders. Adv. Priscilla Srinivasan, from Madras High Court, shared insights in Christian Marriage Act, Divorce Law, Domestic Violence Act, Succession Acts and various orders pertaining these matters. Mr. J. S. Anbu, the former Executive Director, CIM took sessions on Personality development, Motivation and Goal Setting. Rev. Sunil Raj Philip Achen, the Communications Director, CSI Synod shared the insights on Information and Communication Technologies and their advantages and disadvantages.

Rev. James Victor,
Director, Synod Pastoral Concerns Department.