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Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017

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The department of Pastoral Concerns and CSI SEVA have jointly conducted a conference for the women in ministry. About 60 women comprising of Ordained women and theologically trained women and Sisters to contemplate on the possibilities and challenges for Women in Transformative Ministry. Rt. Rev. Dr. Vadapally Prasada Rao, Deputy Moderator, CSI gave the inaugural address where he affirmed that God has used and continues to use women, just as men, in liberative and transformative Ministries. Further he said that the ordination is not an ornament but a commitment to suffer and serve God and people. Rev. Dr. D.R. Sadananda, the General Secretary, CSI gave a call for women to create new waves that make the church more dynamic. According to him Reformation is: Telling Truth in Love; Radical Engagement by exploring the roots of faith; Spiritual Exploration and Creative Imagination. He encouraged the women to work towards the borderless church that challenges the patriarchy and hierarchy. Rev. Dr. Jayachitra Lalitha spoke on the possibilities and challenges for women in ministry. She has called the women to affirm their identities, the authentic self; to write their own history and for a selfless critical imagining that could bring changes.

The  theme 'Women in Transformative Ministries ' was discussed from various perspectives in Panel Presentations. Rev. M. Jyothi Sunder from biblical perspective, Rev. Sister Sujatha from Sisterhood perspective, Mrs. Jessica Richard from the perspective of the Alternate Ministries, Dr. Shobana Kinsonbell form Women’s perspective, Rev. Dr. Ramani Ramya Krupa from Ecumenical Perspective, Rev. Bethel Krupa from ministerial perspective and Dr. Laila Vijayan from Theological Education / educator’s perspective. Most Rev. Thomas K Oommen, Moderator, CSI lead a session on 'Gender Justice and Mission of the Church'. Acknowledging the gender inequality and injustices both within and outside the Church, Moderator has commended the efforts of the Church in addressing these issues. Rev. Asir Ebenezer, Jessica Richard and GEET Team have facilitated a session on Gender and Leadership models. The participants have discussed and proposed various leadership models.


Rev. Dr. D.R. Sadananda, the General Secretary of CSI lead the Bible Study encouraging the participants to discern the protest of God, encounters of God and models of ministries to be more relevant and effective in ministry.  Rt. Rev. Dr. Eggoni Pushpa Lalitha, Bishop in Nandyal, facilitated the participants to envision transformative ministries by highlighting the challenges and possibilities for women in ministry. Her practical advices were well appreciated. The conference provided a space for women to discuss and explore the possibilities, identify the barriers and give suggestions for the better opportunities for women.


Rev. James Cecil Victor

Director, Pastoral Concerns