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Christian Education Pedagogy for Missional Congregations
Wednesday, Apr 11, 2018

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It is the goal of Synod department of Christian Education to equip Sunday School teachers of Church of South India with the fundamental skills of connecting to children and guiding them to grow in the Christian principles to be responsible citizens in society.   The Department of Christian Education trains Christian educators and Sunday school teachers in national and regional levels to equip children for their active role in missional congregations.  It is the clarion call extended to the churches that they become child-friendly in ensuring a safe environment to enjoy their childhood. 

A one-day training program for the Sunday school teachers of Nandyal diocese was held at Bishop's Chapel at Nandyal.  The Rt. Rev. Dr. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop of Nandyal Diocese inaugurated the program. She insisted on the need to get familiar with recent methods of teaching and engage with the various issues related to children.   Rev. Dr. Jayachitra L, the Synod director of Christian Education took a class on how children-friendly Sunday schools can be developed in our churches.  The child-friendly church is a concept that is developed to welcome and integrate children actively into the worship life of every church.  A church becomes child-friendly by listening to the life experiences of children from their own means of telling as narratives.    Adults in churches need to develop the willingness to listen to children’s expressions of wisdom and spirituality.  A child-friendly Sunday school or a church is a place where children sense a feeling of security to be who they are and to open up to share not only their pleasant experiences but also their disturbing ones.   

Mr. Syraskumar led sessions on "Biblical Basis for Counselling Children" and "Counselling Different Age-group of Children".  Children of modern context face various challenges that need special care and attention.  Next to parents, Sunday School teachers play a major role in moulding the lives of children.  Since teaching in Sunday Schools is voluntary, such training on counselling would certainly equip them to deal with children in a more skilful manner. 

The Synod Department of Christian Education expresses sincere thanks to the Rt. Rev. Dr. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop of Nandyal Diocese and to Rev. Sanjeev Raj, the director of Christan Education of Nandyal Diocese for their active leadership in organising this program.