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Clergy Family Summer Refresher Course-2018
Thursday, May 31, 2018

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The Department of Pastoral Concerns in partnership with the Diocese of Coimbatore has conducted a refresher course on 26-28 May 2018 at CSI College of Engineering, Ketti. About 40 clergy from all the Dioceses have attended this program along with their spouses and children. The reflections and deliberations were around the theme: ‘Missional Congregations-Beyond the Borders’.  The Inaugural Service was led by Rev. James Cecil Victor, Director-Pastoral Concerns, Rev. Charles Sam Raj, Hon. Secretary, Diocese of Coimbatore, Rev. Victor Perm Kumar, Administrative Secretary of CSI College of Engineering & Chairperson- Nilgiri Area, Rev. Ramesh, Ecological Concerns Director, Diocese of Coimbatore and the participants. In his inaugural address Rev. Victor said” uniting the families, reconstructing the relationships in the family and building peace in the family is pivotal for transforming congregations in to missional congregations’. Rev. Charles Sam Raj took a session on Possibilities of various ministries in Today’s Context. Dr. Antony David, a professor in Physiology and a trained counsellor led sessions on Stress Management and Health Awareness.  Rev. Cecil took a session on Family’s Role in effective pastoral care while Rev. Chellappa and Mrs. Suhasini Cecil initiated the group discussions on ‘managing family and ministry’ and ‘strengthening women’s ministries’ respectively. Mrs. Latika Gurung conducted sessions for children and led the praise and worship along with Sherly and Martin.