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CSI Synod Liturgy Committee
Monday, Jun 18, 2018

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The meeting of the CSI Liturgy Committee was held at the CSI Synod centre, Chennai on 6th and 7th June 2018. The meeting was chaired by the Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Reuben Mark, Bishop of CSI Karimnagar Diocese, Chairperson of the committee. The meeting commenced with a prayer by the Rev. James Cecil Victor, Director of Synod Pastoral Concerns Department. After the welcome by the convenor of the committee, the Rev. Trevor Jyotish W., Bishop Reuben gave a short devotion based on Rev. 4: 1-11in which he pointed out that merits of liturgical worship. The committee revised the liturgies prepared for the special Sundays and decided to print them after due editing and approval by the Synod. It was decided to constitute regional teams to strengthen the regional liturgical endeavours of the committee. The meeting came to a close by the prayer by the Rev. Jared Arul Jeba Reuben and the benediction by the chairperson.