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Preparatory Meeting for Archbishop’s Visit to Medak
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019

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As part of the planning meeting for the Recce visit of Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev. Justin Welby to the Church of South India during later part of the year, Canon David Porter; the Chief of Staff of Lambeth Palace, Rev. Dr. William Adam; the Ecumenical Adviser of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Ms. Everarda Slabbekoorn, the Secretary to the Archbishop, have visited Medak Cathedral on the 23rd January 2019. They were accompanied by Rev. K James Cecil Victor, Director, Pastoral Concerns. Rt. Rev. Dr. A. C. Solomon Raj, the Bishop in the CSI Medak Diocese received the delegates along with the officers of the Diocese. The planning meeting was quite fruitful as the team could grasp the events which would take place on Archbishop’s visit to Medak Cathedral and the Diocese also could understand the purpose of visit and necessary arrangements to be made. It is hoped that the exploratory visit to Medak and the Cathedral which is situated in a small town would give a unique experience of pilgrimage to the Archbishop on his pastoral visit.

The team visited the Henry Martin Institute in Hyderabad (HMI), where a meeting of the Archbishop will have a meeting with the people of different faiths. Rev. Dr. Packiam Samuel, the Director of HMI received them and had a fruitful time of discussion with them.


Reported by

Rev. James Cecil Victor,

Director, Pastroral Concerns Department,

CSI Synod.