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Sunday School New Syllabus Core Committee Meeting
Monday, May 13, 2019

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A core committee is called forth to prepare new common syllabus for the entire Church of South India sunday school on 9-10th April and 2-3rd May 2019. Rev. Dr. D. R. Sadananda, CSI General Secretary, had introduced logistics related to new common syllabus and also given direction for the said purpose using power point presentation. It was very much helpful to think in the direction of reading the Bible as a child and to envision a child friendly church.

A total of 195 texts were selected for five categories of sunday school classes namely beginners, primary, juniors, intermediate and senior classes. It is a three years cycle covering 30 weeks that includes a week teaching followed by an activity in the following week.

These selected texts will be further worked-out into teaching lessons as well as activity by yet another group.  

The following are participated in the Core Committee: The Rev. Dr. D. R. Sadananda, CSI General Secretary, Rev. K. James Cecil Victor, Rev. Dr. Perumalla Praveen Prabhu Sudheer, Rev. Adraian Deepak, Mr. Z. T. Sudhaker, Rev. Anilal M. Jose, Rev. Sam Jebasingh, Rev. Ebenezer Kirubakaran, Rev.Samson,  Rev. A. Peter Joseph, Rev. Sam Prakash,  Rev. Praveen,     Rev. Vinesh Cornelious, Rev. T. Joshua, Rev. Lazar, Rev. P. Kanagaraj, Rev. Arputharaj, Rev.Samuel Selvakumar,  Rev. Vinolin Caleb, Dr. Kamala Dhavale, Rev. Catherine, Mr. Marvin, Mr. Robert Choudari, Mr. Calvin, Mr. Immanuel Malakar and Mr. J. Yaphase.   


Rev. Dr. Perumalla Praveen Prabhu Sudheer
Department of Christian Education.