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Peter Cater Awards Ceremony - 2019
Monday, Oct 14, 2019

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Awards ceremony for the winners of Peter Cater Scripture Knowledge Examination 2019 was organized at CSI LITE Auditorium, Chennai on the day of commemorating 73rd CSI Formation Day. Peter Cater Scripture Knowledge Examination was conducted at two levels ‘lower grade’ for the class IX and ‘higher grade’ for the class XI in the month of January 2019. The examination was conducted from six books of the Bible; for the lower grade students it was from the book of Judges, Psalm 37 and the Gospel of Luke; for the higher grade it was from the book of Joshua, Psalm 104 and the Gospel of John. The examination was organized in four South Indian languages namely Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and also English. Total number of centers that enrolled for the examination was 12 and the total number of students who took part in the examination was 319.  Prizes were awarded according to the regional language categorizing into first, second and third ranks. Children from ten CSI Dioceses won awards namely from the Diocese of Madras, Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi-Nazareth, Madhya Kerala, Malabar, Cochin, Karnataka Northern and Karnataka Southern, Rayalaseema, Karimnagar and Medak. Names of the children who got awards as follows.

D.C.Berlin Gracia, M.Christina Ruth, D. Catherine Celina, Beulah, Sherilda Angelin P.,  Angel Hephzi Visha G, Kripa Rachel Shaji,  Cerin Mary Kurien, Grace Salona Mathew, Akza Lalu Jacob,  Kesia Grace Biji, Angel Bobby John, Annet Joji,  Jinitha Rosemi Prakash, Devamma Tanekadar, Sushma Chenadasar, Esther Arpitha, Nikitha Muttu, Manjula D,  Anita Kammar, Rose Mary C, Daniel Krupakar, K. Shalom, Mekha Satheesh, Anupma, K.N. Hebsiba, A.K. Mercy Prameela and   Swathi.                 

The award was both in cash as well as a certificate. There was also awards presentation at synodical level in for both lower as well as higher grades. The synodical awards were mementos. A total 28 students received awards in regional language category and a total of 11 students received synod level awards. The awards were distributed by the Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Prasada Rao, Deputy Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen, Bishop in Madras, Rev. Dr. D. Ratnakara Sadananda, CSI General Secretary and Adv. C. Robert Bruce, CSI Hon. Treasurer. The awards distribution ceremony was part of the Dalit and Adivasi Festival commemorating CSI formation day celebrations which was enriched by clergy and laity from the Diocese of Madras, CSI Synod staff, award winning children along with their guardians and others. 

Rev. Dr. Perumalla Praveen Prabhu Sudheer
Director-in-Charge, Dept. of Christian Education
CSI Synod