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Clergy Exposure Visit to Mizoram

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Eighteen Clergy, along with the Director, Department of Pastoral Concerns were in Mizoram from 12th-21st Sept., 2015 for a exposure-cum-refresher course. 

Mizoram Presbyterian Church hosted the programme for 10 days, comprising exposure to the worship in urban and rural contexts; to their special projects, educational and health care institutions, their Mission Training College (MTC) and the Theological College (ATC).  Participants have observed their community life that is centred around the Church, discipline, commitment, sense of neighbourhood and zealous for the ministry and Mission.  The Church’s commitment to address the social issues is commendable.  Their administrative structure and financial accountability were appreciated by the participants.  Sessions on ‘Tribal Theology; and ‘social analysis of the Mizo Society’ were interactive and useful.  Dr.Robert Helliday’s presentation on the Ministry and Mission of the Church, the handful of rice project, and so on have created lot of enthusiasm to the participants to adopt newer ways of engaging the people of God in Mission.    Participants have expressed their gratitude to the officers of the Synod for arranging this exposure programme to Mizoram Presbyterian  Church that enabled them to learn a great deal from cross-cultural exposure.