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CSI condemns the spiteful killing of school children and teachers in Peshawar, Pakistan
Saturday, Dec 20, 2014

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CSI condemns the spiteful killing of school children and teachers in Peshawar, Pakistan


The Church of South India vehemently condemns the spiteful killing of school children and teachers in Peshawar, Pakistan. Over 141 people being the innocent victims of this terror attack, yet again proves that basic dignity for a human life is still a distant dream in this violence stricken world. This act of terrorism in claiming authority over someone’s life is an orientation of brutality the world today is exposed to. Hapless school children being specific target of this attack have left impressions of inhuman psyche of these terrorists propagating a culture of violence and portraying the demoralizing state of our societies.

This crime against the innocent children and the teachers tarnishes the image of God and the essence of God’s kingdom. It distorts the right to life and the freedom to live. Children ruthlessly killed, teachers burnt alive, and the school being a place of transformation, now is turned into a place of haunting memories. A dwelling where the joyful and cheering noises of children were heard now only echoes cries of desolation, pain and abandonment. Seldom did those parents know that their blooming buds would never get to return back home alive. The trauma and the cry of these mothers and fathers can only re-instate the hopelessness situation brooding over the world as they yearn for answers, consolation and God’s Justice.

In this season of advent as the Christian community awaits the birth of baby Jesus; the massacre of infants by King Herod resonates. His vested interest and his greed for power proved fatal for many innocent lives. The wailing in Ramah by the mothers lamenting the death of their babies is brought alive to us today through the agony and pathos of the parents whose children murdered in Pakistan.

We request the Governments and the related agencies to curb any act of legitimizing violence against women and children. We seek a speedy intervention of authorities in trying to stop any such kind of terror disasters in the future.

Dear mothers and Sisters, the church in all humility gazing upon the power of the victorious Jesus stands with you, through your pain and suffering looks forward for a day and time when none will undergo the pain and agony with which you suffer today. We cry to God for you.

May the threatened and the vulnerable child Jesus Christ, who met us as a refugee grant peace and courage to all the bereaved families to stand firm in this time of tribulation.


Rev. Dr. D.R. Sadananda

The General Secretary

Church of South India Synod