EMS Supports the ministry of five major Theological Institutions in South India: United Theological College, Bangalore; Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai; Kerala United Theological Seminary, Trivandrum; Karnataka Theological College, Mangalore and Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad.

EMS supports Eight CSI Children's Homes.  About 400 underprivileged girls and boys are receiving support for their education.  The Homes are:  CSI Boys' Boarding Home, Udupi; CSI Girls' Boarding Home, Mulki; Basel Mission Girls' Orphanage, Sumaddi; Basel Mission Boys' Orphanage, Gadag; BEM Girls' Home, Chombala; CSI Bethenia Girls' Home, Kannur; CSI Industrial School, Manjeri; and BEM Girls' Vocational Home, Chombala.

EMS also involved in various exchange programmes.  The EMS promotes mutual visits, study group exposure programme, ecumenical co-worker programme and voluntary service of young people in order to enhance ecumenical learning and cultural exchange.