Diaconal Concerns :: Programs

  • Solidarity programmes with Dalits, Tribals/Adivasis
  • Consultations, Workshops, and Study Groups on issues related to livelihood, cultural, economic, political and theological concerns of Dalits and Adivasis in India
  • Programmes for Women, Children (especially Girl Children), Youth, Otherwise-abled, Displaced, Fish-workers, Migrant Workers and countless number of people in the un-organized sectors
  • Thalitha Kumi (Rehabilitation of Dalit Girl Child Labourers)
  • International Dalit Solidarity Networking
  • Addressing issues pertaining to People Living with HIV and AIDS and with various forms of disability,
  • Farm Workers' Fellowship in the CSI
  • Enabling educated young men and women to appear for UPSC Examinations
  • Publication of Bible-Studies and other literature addressing Diaconal Concerns
  • Strengthening of the education ministry of the Church
  • Strengthening of the healing ministry of the Church