Womens Fellowship :: Programs

The following are some of the activities the Women’s Fellowship units are involved at the grass root level
1.    Family Counselling
2.    Addressing the social issues
3.    Care of the elderly people and the orphan children
4.    Developing leadership to be one of the part of the church
5.    To develop the communities of men and women
6.    Pre school programme
7.    Empowerment of young women to become economically independent
8.    Poor women up- liftment programme
9.    Re-reading and understanding the Bible from women’s perspective.
10.    Caring for the sick and the disabled
11.    Fellowship of the Least Coin and World Day of Prayer
12.    Ecological concern
13.    Prison Ministry
14.    Care & Counselling for HIV/AIDS affected and their families
15.    Leadership Training Programme for Rural Pastors Wives.  Bible Women & Women Missionaries and Missionary Wives’ Training Programme.