Handful of Rice Movement

Right to Food

The right to food is a human, legal and clearly defined right which gives rise to obligations of states to reduce both chronic under nourishment and malnutrition.

The Right to Food is a Human Right

It protects the right of all human beings to live in dignity, free from hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.  The right to food is not about charity but about ensuring that all people have the capacity to feed themselves in dignity.

The Right to Food is a Legal Right

The right to food is protected under international human rights and humanitarian law and the correlative state obligations are well established under international law.  The right to good is recognised in article 25 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and article 11 of the International covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The Right to Food is Clearly Defined by ESCR (Economic, Social and Cultural Committee)

The right to adequate food realized when every man, woman and child, alone and in community with others, has physical and economic access at all-time adequate food or means for its procurement.

Inspired by the ESCR definition, the Special Rapporteur has concluded that the right to food entails:

The right to have regular, permanent and unrestricted access, either directly or by means of financial purchases, to quantitatively and qualitatively adequate and sufficient food corresponding to the cultural traditions of the people to which the consumer belongs, and which ensures a physical and mental individual and collective, fulfilling and dignified life free of fear (Jean Ziegler, A/HRC/7/5, para 17)

The Women's Fellowship “Food for All” Campaign

In this campaign to combat poverty and hunger, the CSI Women's Fellowship will renew the practice of setting apart “Handful of Rice” for the poor while cooking.  This rice collected by this way will be used locally for combating hunger.

The Women's Fellowship of different dioceses and local churches have different good practices to feed the poor and eradicate hunger.  During the campaign all such good practices will be documented and shared for mutual encouragement and expanding the scope of the campaign.

Few Examples of Women Fellowships' Involvement in Eradicating Hunger

Soup kitchen:   Mathamma Community (Women dedicated to God).

Food Bank.

Dry Ration for Senior Citizen.

Nutritious Food for Children in Villages

God has called the church to care for the poor and needy in whatever way possible and as He leads and guides.  So, the church should prove to be true to her calling to glorify God and fulfil His will here on earth by being a serving community.

Inauguration of Food for All Campaign:

The food for all campaign was inaugurated by a symbolic act of giving rice bags to poor women by the Dr. Ramani Dyvasirvadam, President, CSI Women's Fellowship in the presence of the Moderator, Officers of the Synod, Bishops, Women's Fellowship Office Bearers, Children Delegates from all 22 Dioceses of CSI, Indian and Overseas Ecumenical Partners, and large number of people from  CSI Madras Diocese on October 7, 2014 at Chennai.