Women’s Fellowship :: Aims & Objective


The Church of South India Women's Fellowship was formed on the 27th September 1948. The Women's group of the Mothers' Union of the Anglican Church, Sisterhood of the Methodist Church, Kings Daughters of the Presbyterian Church and Mothers' meetings or Women's meeting of the congregational Church came together and became the Women's Fellowship of the Church of South India. The Women's Fellowship has been one of the effective bodies of the Church of South India working towards a meaningful ministry among the needy and poor, oppressed and the marginalized women and children. The women of the Church, who are 'called to serve' are encouraged to promote unity, fellowship and justice, for which they are equipped and empowered as effective leaders in their families, church and society.


  • To unite members in prayer, service and witness and help them to grown in deeper spiritual life.
  • To help to uphold the sanctity of Christian marriage and family life and help mothers in the Christina nurture of Children.
    1. To train women, young and old for participation and leadership in the church and community.
    2. To encourage and provide opportunities for younger women to take an active part in all the programmes of the Church.
    3. To serve the underprivileged by creating an awareness about their rights and privileges and help them to seek justice at all levels.